Who Are We?


This is the tenth Village Hotel, Holiday are we doing here, producing, discover, and share. Here we're ourselves. We're watching life looking at a magnificent valley. We organise workshops. Walks in the woods, from the sea No we're not dating. We want you to join us. Welcome.

Our name, the author chose Fakir Baykurt. Memory greets you at the door. Those in favour always directly “with the belief that the tenth is for the village.

When setting up the hotel Faruk Bey, “is the guest of no one not even our friends by saying,”... this was our friend that day, who comes from the output path. For ten years, “like home” we strive to create a holiday you say. The tenth village is one big family.

Where Are we?

Village Hotel is located in Antalya adrasan tenth. Adrasan in the Mediterranean the beach with 2 miles is one of the most beautiful and peaceful villages. Our hotel in a garden overlooking the sea and pine forests. Orange and pomegranate is on the side of the tree.

What Are We Doing?

Yoga Camps

Pilates Camps

Ballet Camps

Breath Training

Mindfulness Camps

Retreats, Camps

Fairy Tale Camps

Acting Workshops

Writing Workshop


Massage therapy


Our facility has central heating system.