*Lycian Way:
Every year tens of thousands of people walk the Lycian Way, Turkey's first long distance walking route. Shown among the top 10 hiking trails in the world. Every year, our guests experience the Lycian Way Turkey and in the world combines with the tenth being a resident of the village. Gelidonya, Moses mountain, Olympos, adrasan you can create alternative routes such as private experience with a walking flashlight.

* Cultural Tours
We both visit, and we relate, and we ask, and we have lots of photos. Expert guides us sometimes in the type of culture sometimes travel writers, is accompanied by TV programmers and journalists.

The most extreme point of Antalya in the Mediterranean. Gelidonya, such as the stop of tale. Adrasan-Kumluca Karaöz is within the boundaries of the town between. At the intersection of forest and the horizon.

Olympos ancient city of Lycia by sea and by land, two separate entrance. 3,5 km to the beach of Çıralı at the end of the beginning, the ancient city by the sea, the Acropolis and you can see the mausoleum.

If you are ready for a tough climb so enjoyable, please to the flames of chimaera! Located at an altitude of 230 meters in the hills of Olympus, the field of eternal fire, also known as a natural source of fire.

Pine and cedar trees between the ancient city of Phaselis, Lycia remained the distinction of being the most important port for many years. Hadrian waterway in the ancient city gates, baths, Agora, in the theater it's worth seeing. There's one of the most beautiful beaches of Antalya and picnic areas.

Trout, to keep in the shade of a plane tree, on the mansions on the river, catch your breath, ideal for a meal break.

*Tahtali Mountain Cable Car Type
Tahtali Mountain cable car the sky from the Deep Blue Sea on a cruise to the exit, watching the scenery diving holidays Antalya...the privileges of the summit Meadow

*Harvest Tours
Some of the products grown on our farm table. During certain months of the year, olive, citrus, pomegranates and oranges of the harvest you expect.

*Boat Tour
Olympos and adrasan Pirate Bay Treasure Island Sulu rounds of two separate routes, Genoa Village, Sazak Bay, the cave can dive at stops, you can keep the fish on the boat as we move, you can see the sea in the bays around the island of Sulu become almost transparent, turquoise, navy blue, all shades you can witness the unfiltered.

*Diving Type
Adrasan, one of the most exciting resorts for diving in Turkey. The dive centre that you want, you can make a test dive at the end of a long time under water, you can start your training today.